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Classes will include: 

    1. Making some simple copper/textured bronze objects    

 2. Basic techniques for melting the bronze brazing rods 

3. Essential safety rules and practices                             

            4. Intermediate and advanced classes are being planned          

Classes and Workshops have been offered at the

Tryon Arts and Crafts School in Tryon, NC since September, 2019.

Classes and Workshops are scheduled during 2022.

Due to the need to maintain safety during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic

safety measures will be required by participants.

The next Workshops will be on Friday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 1 pm.

These Workshops will be suitable for beginners and also for intermediate and advanced students.

Classes of 6 week duration on Monday afternoons from 1pm to 5 pm

will be for intermediate and advanced students.

  All of the work involves using a hand held torch to melt the metal so

students must be able to do this safely.

For more information on dates of workshops and enrollment contact the School at


    Instructor - Joe Cooper 

Joe began making art and craft using copper and textured bronze in 1983 under the guidance of master copper artist Lee Robertson.

 Since then he has completed many commissions for custom copper and textured bronze lighting fixtures for

special hospitality and residential projects all over the country.

After graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology in Industrial Engineering he also took graduate courses in

Anthropology with an emphasis on the art of different cultures at Tulane University.

Joe worked in commercial welding and as a certified pipe welder on many industrial projects before focusing on metal art and craft.

He is included in the Georgia Tech Living History Program and is a member of the

American Craft Council and the Southern Highlands Craft Guild.

He currently works for The Heirloom Companies on custom copper and textured bronze lighting fixtures.

     Joe enjoys learning and teaching people who like to weld.

In Person
Contact Joe Cooper at
to arrange in person instruction.

   Online Courses

Plans are in process for online lessons

in late 2022.

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